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Supernatural stuff that’s made me cry like a baby

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Enjoy the character line up!
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Heroes | via Tumblr en We Heart It.
art by viria

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HAHAHAHAH just keep laughting

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75 days left! 

But do not ask the price I paid,
I must live with my quiet rage,
Tame the ghosts in my head,
That run wild and wish me dead.
Should you shake my ash to the wind
Lord, forget all of my sins
Or let me die where I lie
Neath the curse of my lover’s eyes.

And I’ll walk slow, I’ll walk slow
Take my hand, help me on my way.

-Lover’s Eyes, Mumford and Sons

So, call me a sap, but I really love Leo’s promise to help Calypso. And as much as I love Percy, I love the fact that Leo’s determined to take it a step further than Percy. He’s not just going to wish for the gods to do something about it, he’s going to do something himself. 

And it’s not out of a “She’s my girlfriend” thing (heck, he’s still denying that she could like him in anyway). It’s more out of knowing what it feels like to be abandoned/forgotten and wanting to help someone else out of that and the fact that someone is depending on him. Someone needs his help and can’t rely on anyone else in this case. Leo’s grounding is the fact that someone needs his help. I find that a very nice development for Leo. Leo has gone from running away, to willingly staying but not feeling as if he was needed/belonged, to knowing someone needs him. 

And I know this is when someone’s going to be like “Well, why does Calypso NEED Leo??? I mean is because she’s a woman? Is Rick Riordan writing weak women??? OMG RR needs to check his privilage!!!”* to which my first response is “Calm down”. And my second is that, its not weak to rely on someone. It’s not weak for a male or female character to care about someone and need their help. It is unhealthy for a character to be wholly dependent for everything on someone (*coughBellaSwancough*), but it’s not weak to care about/need someone. That’s called being human. We rely on each other. In the words of Uncle Iroh “There’s nothing wrong with letting people who love you help you”.  And it’s not weak for a female character to love/need/care about another character… even a male character. And we seriously need to stop thinking that it is. 

So, in conclusion, Rick Riordan got me shipping Caleo in about 30 pages and there’s nothing wrong with needing someone’s help, even if you have a romantic interest in them. 

75 days until we see Leo (hopefully) keep his promise. 

Art by Marion-Draws

*Sorry if I have offended anyone in that joke/comment. If you have a problem, I have an inbox. 

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The Percy Jackson fandom if Uncle Rick does anything wrong in Blood of Olympus



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what a beautiful day to mind ya damn business

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is your face from mcdonalds? cause im loving it

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following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡

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